Coronavirus tests agility and scalability of your web applications: accelerate with kit-proxy

Spike in remote work due to the new coronavirus is testing agility and scalability of your applications. Even small service disruptions could significantly impede business productivity

A sudden surge in remote work due to the rapidly spreading new coronavirus is providing a real-world stress test of cloud services.

Leading cloud providers are unlikely to experience service disruptions that last beyond a single day. But now that millions of additional people are working from home, even shorter outages could hamper productivity more than usual.

"There are too many variables to say with certainty there will be no issues, cloud vendors have the capability to build things that are very resilient and very scalable, but everything has a breaking point."

Problems are already cropping up. On Wednesday, several Cisco collaboration services were unavailable or slow to load for hours in the middle of the workday, including Webex Teams and Cisco's control hub for IT admins.

Regardless of the cause, the incident was likely a bigger headache than usual for customers. Webex Teams messaging traffic is up 35% since last month and workers in the European and Asian countries most impacted by the new coronavirus (COVID-19) are registering for free Webex accounts at seven times the typical rate.

India Impact - Indian enterprises have cloud / infrastructure dependent complex strategies for their core applications and (COVID 19) remote work puts enormous stress on both core and non-core applications.

Good news is leading cloud vendors have designed their services to be able to scale quickly and with kit-proxy Indian enterprises could experience scale and agility of cloud without having to make code or infrastructure changes and do so within a day with real time fallback to origin.

Kit-proxy (deployed on AWS) can enable transformation of your consumer facing non-core web applications. AWS components that power kit-proxy: CloudFront & WAF, Lambda & Lambda@Edge, S3 and ECS.

Our goal statement of simplifying cloud / getting started with cloud, our successes with marquee Indian enterprises gives us a unique opportunity to give the best availability possible for your business and your consumers critical requirements.

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