Cloud vs. On-Premise

Understanding key differences...

There are a number of competing priorities in enterprises these days. Every company is doing whatever they can to increase sales and shareholder value.

But how do you do that? It’s fairly simple: you need to make better business decisions and have the ability to provide more responsive customer service that scales with the growth of your organisation. The main ingredient in both of those is better communication and consolidating communications in the cloud, rather than sticking with decentralised legacy on-premises equipment is the first step in that direction.

Questions to Consider

•       Do you prefer all-inclusive subscription fees or expensive on-premises equipment, annual licensing fees, upgrade fees, and maintenance?

•       Do you want to reduce or completely eliminate capital-intensive upfront and ongoing hardware costs?

•       Do you want to lower IT support and staffing costs or free your team up to manage higher priority initiatives?

•       Do you want to eliminate costly, disruptive, and time-consuming upgrades?

•       Do you want to eliminate redundant software costs?

•       Do you want to meet the scaling demands?

•       Do you want to enable distributed workforce?

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